AT HOME FULL BODY WORKOUT | No Equipment Workout!


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Lucy is 5’6 with 38′ hips, 35′ bust, 26′ waist
➢Wears a size M in the Athena Sports Bra (can also fit into a S for a tighter fit)
➢Wears a size M in the Flow Tank Top (can also fit into a S for a tighter fit)
➢Wears a size M in the Allure Seamless Legging (can also fit into a S for a tighter fit)


➢Instagram: @addictlulu
➢Snapchat: LucyLFitness
➢Youtube: LucyLFitness

1.A) Squat Turn Arounds 4×10 Reps
1.B) High Knees 4×15 Reps
1.C) Sitting to Jump Squat 4×15 Reps
2.A) Plank Raise to Downward Dog 4×10 Reps
2.B) Pillow Punching 4×15 Reps
3.A) Plank Arm to Opposite Shoulder Taps 4×15 Reps
3.B) Waterbottle Shoulder Raises 4×20 Reps
4.A) Fire Hydrant 4×15 Reps
4.B) Diagonal Leg Raises 4×15 Reps
4.C) Sumo Kneeling Squats 4×15 Reps
5.A) V Situps 4×15 Reps
5.B) Criss Cross Leg Raises 4×15 Reps
5.C) Full Body Crunch 4×10 Reps
6.A) Squat & Twist 4×10 Reps
6.B) Burpees 4×10 Reps

➢For business inquiries only: LucyLFitness[at]

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