#basicyogasantocureuterusdisease 5 important basic yoga for women , for hormonal imbalance


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Hello friends,
many people are doing yogasan but don’t know which yogasan is most important to cure any diseases.
In today’s video I am showing most effective and important 5 yogasan to cure adenomyosis, endometriosis, fibroid or any uterus a.
To get benefits of any yoga , we should stay in a particular position for a minute.
yogasan are very effective and efficient way to cure adenomyosis, endometriosis, fibroid etc.
these 5 yogasan are following:
1) Paschimotasan or seated forward bend :
this is most effective to cure reproductive diseases. As this yogasan improve function of uterus, reproductive system by supply oxygen and blood flow.Also improve digestive system and menstrual cramps.
2)supt vjrasan or Reclined thunderbolt pose :
cure uterus diseases, improve hormones,cures heart disease etc.
3)Setu BANDHASAN or bridge pose :
after regularly doing this pose , our body fight against all diseases.
As this yogasan strengthen the Digestive system, reproductive system, pancreas etc.
4) Nokasan or Boat pose :
improve hormones, internal organs and tissues , improve function of reproductive organs, increase metabolism etc.
5) sarvangasan or shoulder stand:
in this yoga blood flow towards head , so we get same benefits as in sirsasan.
this pose cures all diseases.

Except these five I am showing butterfly or BADHA KONASAN and child pose or shishuasan..which are also have to do with these yogasan.
thank you friends.. coming soon.
Sangita chaubey.

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