Maximum weight loss lunches I eat each week//Plant based and healthy

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3 easy and quick vegan weight loss lunches that have helped me lose 40 pounds.

Here’s the link to Cassi’s Crack hummus recipe?

The reason these recipes have helped me lose weight is they are all relatively low in calories. Around 500-600 calories each meal.

This is right in the zone to get MOST women into a calorie deficit as one of three meals a day with some snacks in there.

To learn how many calories you need to eat for weight loss (my foolproof method) check out this video?

Just because you need to be in a calorie deficit doesn’t mean that you need to count calories, in fact, I did a podcast episode on it which breaks down whether you should you be calorie counting or not ?

To learn more about calorie density and how it can help you on your weight loss journey, check out some of my other videos or go to my website to find out more at

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