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Video Summary
1: 01- Healthy Peanut Butter Toast- Ideal for Pre workout meal.
Ingredient: DiSano Peanut butter, Brown bread, DiSano Honey Banana.
This can also be consumed in between meals to cut down our intermediate hunger.

3:14 – Healthy Delicious Smoothie: Ideal for Post workout
Quick boost of energy – keeps you full and energetic, Extremely nutritious
Ingredient: Banana, Mango, Disano Peanut butter, DiSano Honey, Milk, Disano Dry Fruits

4:14 – NEW PACK OF DiSano Peanut Butter

5:46 – Protein Chapatti Roll- Avoid eating Junk food in-between Meal – try this whenever feel Hungry –Easy Recipe
Enjoy any time just like that or can also be accompanied by Milk or Tea
Ingredient: Roti & Disano Peanut Butter

6: 52- Home Made Protein Bar: – Hunger buster, quick energy booster high in Protein & Fiber
Can be used as pre workout or post workout – Also as any time snack
Ingredient: Disano Oats, Disano Peanut Butter, Dry fruits, Brown sugar, Protein Powder
This is amazing do try this out

7:54 Pan cake: – Delicious healthy snack – Ideal to full fill your sweet craving of Healthy breakfast
Ingredient: – Pan cake batter, DiSano peanut butter, Disano Honey

Any time Snacking
Choose from range of Healthy Disano Dry fruits range – mix and eat different nuts, seeds& Berries for healthy snacking
10:37: Conclusion
Jai Hind Jai Bharat

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