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This workout is your perfect combination of standing and floor upper body exercises. You will work through 4 standing exercises to wake your body up and get your joints ready for the floor work. Once warmed up you will be heading down to the floor for a variety of exercises that will alternate between faster and slower pace. Within this set you should be concentrating on activating your arm and back muscles, consciously thinking about each one working during these exercises. Just like presentation is half the meal, visualization of your muscles working is half the work.


00:00 Arm Crossovers
00:43 Rest
01:10 Punches
01:47 Rest
02:14 Overhead Reach
02:54 Rest
03:21 Waist Pinchers Left
04:06 Rest
04:33 Waist Pinchers Right
05:17 Rest
06:09 Arm Crossovers
06:53 Rest
07:20 Punches
07:57 Rest
08:24 Overhead Reach
09:03 Rest
09:30 Waist Pinchers Left
10:16 Rest
10:43 Waist Pinchers Right
11:27 Rest
12:19 Slow Mountain Climber
12:57 Rest
13:25 Swing Backs
14:06 Rest
14:33 Toe Touches
15:12 Rest
15:39 Swimmers
16:17 Rest
16:44 Walk Downs
17:35 Rest
18:27 Slow Mountain Climber
19:05 Rest
19:32 Swing Backs
20:14 Rest
20:41 Toe Touches
21:20 Rest
21:47 Swimmers
22:25 Rest
22:52 Walk Downs
23:42 Arm Crossovers
24:26 Rest
24:53 Punches
25:30 Rest
25:57 Overhead Reach
26:36 Rest
27:03 Waist Pinchers Left
27:48 Rest
28:15 Waist Pinchers Right
29:00 Rest
29:52 Arm Crossovers
30:36 Rest
31:03 Punches
31:39 Rest
32:07 Overhead Reach
32:46 Rest
33:13 Waist Pinchers Left
33:58 Rest
34:25 Waist Pinchers Right
35:10 Rest
35:42 Slow Mountain Climber
36:20 Rest
36:47 Swing Backs
37:29 Rest
37:56 Toe Touches
38:35 Rest
39:02 Swimmers
39:40 Rest
40:07 Walk Downs

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